Our CCQ Guild Challenges

Guild Challenge


The Challenge Quilt this year is  BLACK, WHITE AND BRIGHT

The guidelines are as follows:

1. The primary colors should be BLACK(not gray or brown) and WHITE(not cream or beige)

2. The accent color (or colors) should be BRIGHT

3. Be creative – you can use any design or pattern you want.  If you choose to use applique, it can be fused or needle turn.

4. Feel free to embellish the quilt with beads, buttons, ribbons, lace etc.

5. The finished quilt should be no larger than 180” around the perimeter. 

a. A quilt 45” x 45” = 180”

b. A quilt 36” x 48” = 168”

6. The quilt should have three layers and be quilted (not tied).

7. The finished quilt should have a 4” hanging sleeve and a label. 

8. Challenge quilts must have a quilt show entry form completed and turned in when the other quilt show quilt entries are due.

9. Quilts will be entered and displayed at CCQ’s annual quilt show.  Attendees will vote on their favorite and the top three will win a first, second and third choice cash prize award.  (Note: the quilts will not be judged as part of the quilt show judging.)

Please stop by the Challenge Quilt table at the guild meetings and sign up to indicate you are interested in participating.

Quilt Block Contest


THE RULES: (Pretty Simple Really!)

1. SIZE: 12”, 8” or 6” finished block, so you will turn in a 12½”, 8½” or 6½” block

2. COLORS: Brights of your choosing, PLUS a BLACK/WHITE PRINT(Not grey, not cream, no other colors!) Please be sure to use your B/W fabric consistently – ALL the points in a curve, not just one of them.

3. PATTERN: You may use the 8” pattern that I am providing, or ANY of the others available. Don’t forget Karen K. Stone’s books or any of the other jillions of authors and patterns available out there.

4. DEADLINE:You may turn finished blocks in to me at any time at any meeting, but the final deadline is Thursday, March 14, 2019. Please be sure to attach your name to the BACK of your block, by stitching a small piece of paper or scrap fabric into the seam allowance with your name clearly printed in indelible ink or permanent marker.

5. ADDITIONAL NOTES:You may turn in as many blocks as you’d like! The more blocks, the biggest and better the quilt! If you have some good sized scraps left over from piecing your block, please feel free to turn them in with your block. They will be used to fill the odd spaces during construction. I expect there to be quite a few!