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Clark County Quilters

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2020 Classes Presented by Katie Pedersen


Seeing Stellars :: Magic Number Blocks Meet Improv

Thursday , November 12, 2020


9 am to noon

Merge improvisational triangles and simple quilt construction in the skill building workshop.


Crushed It Quilt Blocks | Improv Crazy Piecing

Friday, November 13, 2020

9 am to 4 pm


This workshop will focus on a method for creating blocks with linear and geometric shapes to fit into endless quilt designs and projects.  

Our 2020 Teacher


Katie Pedersen, Quilting Omnivore, Teacher and Artist

I like to quilt, A LOT.  I like to share what I’ve learned and I truly believe anyone who wants to quilt can, no matter their skill level. To develop and grow our art we need the space, quality tools and time to routinely practice.  It all starts with sewing two pieces of fabric together.

My teaching and quilt designs fuse the tradition rooted in my childhood with improvisational techniques and a modern aesthetic.  I teach fun workshops as accessible to all levels, locally and nationally.

Everyone’s approach to learning is as unique as their quilting, my adaptive instruction and small class size provide a supportive, non-prescriptive structure to develop the skills you need to refine your own distinctive quilting style.  We’ll collaborate in helping you focus on play, intuition and exploring the endless possibilities quilting has to offer.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?