Guest Exhibits

Fort Vancouver Tapestry


The Fort Vancouver Tapestry is a surface design embroidered wool-on-linen textile narrative of the history of Clark County, Washington. We are proud to be able to exhibit this amazing piece of Clark County history. 

Cherrywood Prince Exhibits


Cherrywood Fabrics challenged quilters to take inspiration from Prince's music, style, movies, and distinct look to create unique quilts using a limited color palette of their gorgeous hand dyed fabric in saturated purples. Artists were encouraged to push themselves creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. We are pleased to have this exhibit as part of our  Quiltfest.

International Folk/Fairy Tale Quilts


The exhibit features 90 art quilters from the USA, Japan and France, each representing one of 30 Fairy Tales in a piece of fiber art. The result is 90 small quilts, hung vertically on panels for each Fairy Tale, so viewers can compare the work of one nation to the next.

How the Rainbow Was Made–An Ojibwe Nation Creation Tale by Kathie Kerler

Columbia Fiber Arts Guild


Columbia FiberArts Guild is a group of fiber artists from Oregon and Southwest Washington. Makers of all types of fiber art are included.

The purpose of Columbia FiberArts Guild is to set and maintain high standards of design, color, and workmanship in all forms of fiber art. Its aims are to educate in the methods of creative fiber techniques and to stimulate interest therein with the community.

Hawaiian Quilting


Hawaiian quilts have always been a form of artistic expression which originates more from the spirit of the design than from the intricate stitches created by the quilter. To give a quilt is to give of oneself, and so, they are only given to close relatives and friends. These quilts were considered so precious that it has only been in the last decade that the techniques have been openly shared.