2020 Guest Exhibits

Cherrywood Bob Ross Exhibit


Cherrywood Fabrics challenged quilters to take inspiration from artist Bob Ross to create unique quilts using a limited color palette of their gorgeous hand dyed fabric. Artists were encouraged to push themselves creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. We are pleased to have this exhibit as part of our  Quiltfest. 

Fabrics for the Cherrywood "Diana" challenge will be available for purchase at the Pins and Promotions table.  

Fort Vancouver Tapestry


The Fort Vancouver Tapestry is a surface design embroidered wool-on-linen textile narrative of the history of Clark County, Washington. We ar e proud to again be able to exhibit this amazing piece of Clark County history. 

Art Quilt Group


The Art Quilt Group was formed in 2005 and includes a collection of immensely talented women who are willing and happy to share their expertise.  We have learned and experimented with fabrics, paints, beads, yarns, stamps, buttons, metal, paper, cord, bleach, and inks.  And we’ve have had so much fun in the process.

The group will exhibit a recent challenge to create quilt that includes a black and white 4-patch.

Block by Kathy McLaughlin



The Experimentalists challenged themselves to make two 12” blocks.  One is a traditional quilt block in black and white; the other is a modern color take on it.  

Maple Leaf 1 & 2

by Patricia Rushford

Trails End Machine Quilters


The Trails End Machine Quilters are a group of long- ,mid-arm and domestic machine quilters.  We gather together to share ideas, support, teach and learn from each other.

In the same spirit, we challenge ourselves each year with a new small project that will build skills, motivate us to try new techniques or styles and remain fun. We usually choose a single size, and a single fabric to work with to display each quilter's stitching.  It's a time of discovery and an exercise in thinking outside the box.  We plan to display them at a quilt show or two, and hope to inspire new or skilled quilters to join in the camaraderie that we have as a group.

Quilts Beyond Borders


Quilts Beyond Borders is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that reaches out to under-served children, mainly orphans, across the world to provide a handmade quilt and spread love and hope.

Quilts Beyond Borders operates solely for charitable purposes.  We will provide quilts to poor or underprivileged people throughout the world. The purpose of the quilts is to provide warmth and comfort.  Priority for recipients will be children, especially those living without family homes.

At the Quiltfest show, we will be handing out Quilt KITS for you to finish and return to us.  We also have finished quilt TOPS for Longarmers to quilt for us.